Buy Spring Flowers and Baskets at McIlrath Farm Market

Hanging flower baskets offered at McIlrath Farm Market in Yakima, Washington. Our flowers are propigated from seeds, making them very hardy for the Yakima valley climate.

Every spring we start thousands of flower seeds to offer for sale at McIlrath Farm Market in Yakima, Washington. All the flowers we sell are propagated from seed and raised by us locally at the ranch. This ensures that our plants and flowers are better acclimated to our local climate and temperatures than those that are brought in for sale from outside the area.

We offer a rich variety of bedding plants and hanging baskets for your landscaping needs.

Greenhouse starts for summer flowers that we sell at McIlrath Farm Market in Yakima, Washington.Go home with several varieties of petunias, mums, glads, marigolds, and other bedding plants. You can enjoy the rich colors of all of these flowers in your yard for the entire summer season.

Come by often as the selections vary daily and sell out quickly.

Choose from a great selection of bedding plants started from seed for easy adaptation to our Yakima valley summers. Available at McIlrath Farm Market