--Frequently asked questions--

We want you to be as informed as possible when finding the best, freshest, healthiest options for your families.  We have compiled this list of questions to help you on your journey for healthy, fresh food, delivered to your door. Farm to Door!


    1. Choose pick up location at McIlrath Family Farm Market between 4-6 pm on Friday or delivery to your door on Thursday evening.
    2. Select your box size.
    3. Select any add on products.  You can update your selections each and every week!

That’s it!  We then choose the freshest produce and deliver it direct to your door!

***Once you have established your subscription box and your account with us, you can log in any time to add products on to your delivery. Out of honey? No problem! Log into your account via “manage account” button, select the “store” option from the drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen (under your name), choose your add-on items and we will add it to your delivery! It’s like accessing the farmer’s market from your couch, delivered to your door!***

We close orders on Monday at 11:59 pm. If you miss the order cut off time, we will just move your delivery to the following week.

We deliver to most areas of Yakima, Selah, Naches, Gleed, West Valley, and East Valley.  See delivery map for more detail. If you have any questions about your address,  please refer to our map, or email us and we will see what we can do to accommodate.  If we get enough interest, we will expand our delivery area. We have McIlrath Farm Market pick up options to pick up your produce box from our temperature controlled walk-in produce coolers at our conveniently located market at 10 Old Naches Highway, and 10 Orchard Rite Road – located on Highway 12.

We will deliver on Thursday evenings. Your exact delivery area will depend on our routes for the week, and may extend past midnight.  You do not need to be home, but please note in the “comments” section if there is anything we should be aware of (leave box at gate, etc). If you leave a large cooler and cooler packs outside, we will put your box into the cooler.  Please ensure the cooler is at least 20in x 15 in x 10 in or 120 quart. The large Costso ones work great!

The first step of the process is to selection your “delivery” or “pick up” preference.  If you choose the pick up option, we will have your order ready at our Farm Market at 10 Old Naches Highway between 4-6 pm on Friday. Beginning in mid-April market pick-up will be available during our open business hours.

You can easily pause your subscription-it is so easy!  Just log into your customer account and pause the subscription for the dates you will be on vacation.  You can also cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked. You will not be charged for the weeks you pause your order, we just ask that you make any changes before Monday at 11:59 pm to be reflected in that week’s orders.

You can also update your subscription at any time to include Add-on products as either a one time purchase, or a subscription.  The options are all for you to determine and for us to bring to your door!

The CSA concept is what helped inspire our produce delivery addition! We understand people want to know where and how their food is grown.   We grow much of the fruit, and some vegetables for our produce delivery. Those that we cannot grow ourselves, we source locally or regionally in the Pacific Northwest.  We wanted to provide fresh, affordable produce direct to our consumer’s doors. People are busy, so we want to help provide fresh, healthy options and make it as easy as possible. We have provided farm fresh produce for over 40 years, and due to consumer preference we began residential deliveries.

We have found that 8-14 varieties of produce is optimal for families, and incorporates all the major harvests in the Yakima Valley. During our harvests, we will have the option to add on additional produce direct from our farms to your box. Did someone say Organic Cherries delivered, within hours of picking?!?!

You can leave your clean, empty box on your porch (or pick up location) for us to pick up when we drop off your next box! We will gladly re-use, reduce and recycle.  We also have the option of a reusable plastic bin that we ask you leave out for us each week–email us if you want that option. We will give you a FREE gift or credit on your account for every 30 empty boxes (or plastic bins) that you return.

We LOVE to compost to use it on our farms and greenhouses to grow the next generation of fresh produce.  If you want to collect your scraps of produce for the week, leave them out for us and we gladly pick them up when we deliver your next box.  Please only include compo-stable, produce, coffee grounds and egg shells.  We will provide you with a seal-able, small bucket if you include that in the  “special instructions to seller” section when you order.  If you choose this option, we will swap out a clean bucket for your produce filled bucket at your weekly delivery.

Often our fruit and vegetables will be delivered to your door within 24 hours of harvesting!  The fruit we grow will be 4-12 HOURS within harvesting! We are farmers – with over 40 years’ experience growing and providing fresh fruit, we know how to choose the freshest and best produce.  Our produce is kept in walk in coolers, set at optimal temperatures to keep the produce fresh.  In  winter months, we source from regional farms and we will we inspect it to ensure optimal freshness.  When needed, we will deliver products using our refrigerated trucks.  We also chose  morning delivery so that produce is left outside on your porch in the mornings during the coolest part of the day.

Fresh fruit – farm to door! From our farms to your family.

In the “comments” section. Please note if you have any allergies, and we will try our hardest to sub out the foods you may be allergic to.

Please let us know if anyone in the household has a peanut allergy as we will be providing samples of peanuts at various times of the year.

You’ve come to the right place!

We will also include add on options during our harvests so that you can easily add on farm fresh products to your box! We have TWO markets conveniently located on Highway 12 (just west of the 40th Ave Exit, and 3 miles further west on the corner of Eschbach and highway 12). We have LOTS of varieties of produce available during our markets season of April-November.

We follow mother nature’s lead to provide fresh, local produce.  The boxes will include mostly day-to-day produce that families typically cook and eat.  However, we also want to expand out of the typical realm and provide some varieties that we may not otherwise venture to try. Whenever possible, we will include storage information and recipes regarding the adventurous varieties.  We will also give you herbs to try! We grow our own herbs and will include those in your box to help flavor your weekly food creations.

We will have farm tours, events, and some u-pick opportunities!  We will have events such as Earth Day for kids to get in our greenhouses and plant their own seedlings, Cider Press Day for our customers to press apples straight from the farm, UPick strawberry weekends, Food Bank Harvest to come and help pick fresh fruit to be donated to our local food banks, and many other events and opportunities to get your hands dirty and see where your food comes from!

There will be a mixture of fruit and vegetables.  However, because we do grow our own fruit, much of it organic, we will provide generous portions of fruit that we grow on our farms. If you opt to subscribe to a weekly box, we will be able to provide you with additional quantities of produce!

*McIlrath Farm Market DONATES 5% of our proceeds to our local food banks AND we donate fresh fruit from our farms directly to local food banks. Your purchases are helping spread the availability of farm fresh, healthy, produce!*

Fresh Produce Delivery

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